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Romantic Korean Drama Couple

There's a lot of romantic couple in Korean Drama such as Suzy and Soo Hyun in Dream High and also Seung gi with min ah on My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox. even all of their romance has been ended along with the end of the drama but this couple need to reunite again in the upcoming korean drama. hope that you agree with my list of the Most Romantic Couple in Korean Drama that needs to reunite.

1. Kim Bum and So Eun in Boys Over Flowers Drama

the pair’s childish fights and lingering looks definitely made me go “aww.” The whole teaching her pottery scene was definitely by far one of my favorites in the entire drama!

2. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won on Secret Garden

No other couple could have pulled off the whole “switched genders” idea better then the two of them. They were able to act our the other’s possible reactions precisely, which showed just how much natural chemistry the two had between them. Their petty fights and squabbles were also just the right touch to give off a romantic atmosphere, but one that’s more on the entertaining side

3. Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young on City Hunter

Many people stated that Lee min ho and park min young was the best couple in Korean Drama History, I definitely loved the whole “partners in crime” idea that the couple gave off. It’s a bit tiring to see the overdone couples where the girl is weak and innocent - with Minyoung being both strong and gorgeous, she’s definitely number one!

4. Suzy and Soo Hyun on Dream High

If you already have on couple from Dream High, you absolutely can’t miss this one! (Even though in my personal opinion, Wooyoung+IU beats out Suzy+Soo Hyun any day.) This coupling is one people would remember and be affectionate towards seeing as how it came kind of unexpected. People thought that Suzy was going to end up with Taecyeon, and then bam, she becomes a thing with Soo Hyun. Their love story is also one that people can relate to better as well, seeing as how Soo Hyun was the supposedly country bumpkin that didn’t have a chance with Suzy. It goes to show that no matter what you look like, you still have a chance.

5. Seung Gi and Min Ah on My Girlfriends is a Nine Tailed fox

The two of them, to put it quite bluntly, are a couple of air heads - but there are no other air heads that we love better. The two of them managed to bring out the best - and worst - of each other, which allowed the audience to get a better understanding of the characters, and the characters as a pair.

Taetiseo Twinkle on Korean Billboard 200 Chart

TaeTiSeo's First single Twinkle reach the Highest Ranking Korean Album on Bilboard 200. Congratulations for Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun for those achievement. as we know taetiseo is a sub unit of girls generation which has jsut released their MV titled Twinkle several days ago.

Their debut mini-album, ‘Twinkle‘, ranked at 126th place on the ‘Billboard 200′, the board’s main album chart. This is the highest achievement recorded by a Korean artist to date, and considering that this is a Korean album, not an official American debut, the feat is that much more astounding.

SM Entertainment stated, “We were able to confirm the widespread popularity of the group from music fans all over the world through this achievement. Without any local promotions, the girls were able to rank the highest for a Korean artist in the Billboard’s 200, as well as ranking first on the World Album Chart, and second on the Heatseekers Chart.”

Congratulations for TaeTiSeo.


Kim Soo Hyun Photoset Bazaar Magazine

Kim Soo Hyun do a stunning photo in harper's bazaar magazine in london. On this photoset Soo Hyun looked very charming in style and appearance are cool and full of mystery. One pose seemed he was using a combination jacket and black pants combined with a white shirt and smiled at the camera. Although only a small smile, Soo Hyun capable of removing the aura and extraordinary charm.

"Today, the staff was amazed by Kim Soo Hyun photocall. Even with a solid shooting schedule, he does it with a professional to complete"

here's some of cool photos of Kim soo hyun who play as Lee Hwon on The Moon that Embrace.

TaeTiSeo Twinkle MV And Lyrics

TaeTiSeo has just released their new MV and Single titled Twinkle from their first Mini Album with the same title, TaeTiSeo is a sub unit of Girls Generation consists of Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun.

As Reported by Soompi,'Twinkle' mini Album contains a total of seven new songs and is available online in digital format. The physical album has just released yesterday on 2 may 2012..

TaeTiSeo is a sub unit of SNSD are made ​​with super format is different from SNSD. Music you'll enjoy the music that is also very different from SNSD music. With the third designee to be playing vocalist SNSD members, TaeTiSeo expected to become the new k-pop idol.

Watch TaeTiSeo Twinkle MV with Lyrics below

[Tiffany] the twinkle, twinkle, the twinkle, twinkle

Sumgyeo do twinkle eojjeona? Nune hwahk ttwi janha
Beire ssayeo isseodo naneun twinkle tiga na

[Taeyeon] ttan saramdeuldo da binnaneun nareul chowahae
Kkeutkkaji kyeonggyehaeya hae
Boseogeul humchin neojanha

[Tiffany] neul naye kyeoseul jikyeojwo nae juwiiman maemdora
[Seohyun]nuneul tteji marajwo nae maeryeoge ppajyeo

Sumgyeo do twinkle eojjeona? [Taeyeon] (twinkle, twinkle eojjeona?)
Nune hwahk ttwi janha [Taeyeon] (ttwi janha, ttwi janha)
Beire ssayeo isseodo naneun twinkle tiga na

[Tiffany] nan mijiye sekye shiganeurijeobeorilkeol
Achime nuneul tteobwahdo kkumeun gyesoktwel keoya

[Seohyun] nan neoreul wiihae kkumigo deo yeppeuge nal banchagillae
[Taeyeon] waeh neoman honja molla naye jinkareul

Sumgyeo do twinkle eojjeona? [Seohyun] (sumgyeo do twinkle eojjeona)
Nune hwahk ttwi janha [Seohyun] (nune hwahk ttwi janha)
Beire ssayeo isseodo naneun twinkle tiga na

[Seohyun] neomu Taeyeonhae neomu ppeonppeonhae
Bakkeneun nal sowonhaneun juri kkeuchi an boyeo
[Taeyeon] maldo andwehke neon neomu damdamhae nan haneurarae tteoreojin byeol

Sumgyeo do twinkle eojjeona? [Tiffany] (ha ha ha~ yeah~)
Nune hwahk ttwi janha [Tiffany] (nune hwahk ttwi janha)
Beire ssayeo isseodo [Seohyun] (beire ssayeo isseodo)
Naneun twinkle tiga na [Taeyeon] (hey yeah!)

Keudaeye twinkle nareul bwah [Taeyeon] (keudaeye twinkle nareul bwa, hey!)
Eodil bwah? Nareul bwah [Tiffany] (oh oh, nareul bwa)
Chikchikhan os sogeseodo
Naneun twinkle taega na [Seohyun] (naneun twinkle taega na)

Sumgyeo do twinkle eojjeona? [Tiffany] (nan twinkle eojjeona)
Nune hwahk ttwi janha [Seohyun] (nuneul hwahk ttwi janha)
Beire ssayeo isseodo
Naneun twinkle tiga na [Tiffany] (woo! T-twinkle al janha)

Translation credits: Soshified


Jang geun Suk involved in Car Accident

Jang geun suk involved in a car accident in Gyeonggi-do Yeoju. The accident took place while the actor and his manager were on their way to Seoul after filming ‘Love Rain‘ at Mangsang Beach in Kangwon-do. on April 29, due to this accident jang geun suk won't be filming "love rain" on april 30.

The report says that Jang Geun Suk’s car ran into the guardrail. The car was partially destroyed. Although he did not have serious injuries after the car accident, he had bruises all over his body.

A representative of Jang Geun Suk stated on April 29, “It was actually a good thing that the car ran into the guardrail because right next was a cliff. The parts of the car fell out completely, but people were not hurt.”

Jang Geun Suk posted a picture of the smashed car on twitter with the caption, “The Asian prince lives again. Who am I, and where am I? Even among all of that, I tried to survive… I am Geun jjang who is complaining about my pain.”

Thanks god there's no big injury to Jang geun suk on this car accident.

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