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Lee Seung Gi said that he likes YoonA SNSD

Lee seung gi said that he likes YoonA from SNSD. Lee Seung Gi openly admitted his attraction to Yoona, One of SNSD Member. Lee Seung Gi could not hide his pleasure when Yoona, a figure which he considered the ideal woman, along with several other members of SNSD became a guest star in the Strong Heart, an event that brings.

Other guest stars who attended the show on Tuesday ( 8 / 11 ) was immediately tempting Lee Seung Gi, asked if he was happy to see Yoona present at the show.

" I could die from Excitement, " said Lee Seung Gi.

"I was nervous when Yoona told me she will fill the event, " continued the man who played in the series My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

" Yes. He seemed upset when I say I will be performing at the Strong Heart. Most likely because I'm talking all kinds, which often leaves people astonished, " said Yoona.

" Every Yoona talked, everyone immediately responded seriously, " said Boom is also present in the episode yesterday, which made ​​the whole studio laughed. In the Strong Heart event, Yoona also revealed that he was longing for a man who likes to call him by his hair or cute.

Will Lee Seung Gi becames YoonA boyfriends? who knows.


Lee min ho on Toyota Camry the one and only EP2 Engsub

Lee min ho was chosen as the model for the 2012 Toyota camry, toyota also made a four episode web drama about Lee min ho journey by riding the new 2012 toyota camry the one and only, here's the second episode of The one and only toyota camry 2012 web drama starred by Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho the one and only toyota camry 2012 Ep2 Eng sub

Joon’s journey continues. With its “Best in Class” MPG rating, the Camry takes him farther, and more importantly, brings him closer to the truth. But when he discovers that something is about to happen that will take his life and love away from him forever, he must race to stop it.

Don't miss the third episode of this toyota camry 2012 on 17 november 2011.

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