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Rainbow Unveils Official Cover for 1st Japanese Album

Rainbow korean girlband has just reveal an official cover for their first japanese album, this album will be titled Over the Rainbow. The album is scheduled for release on March 28th and will come in 2 editions: a CD & DVD Edition (Limited) and a regular CD Edition.

How about the track list of Over the rainbow album? beside reveal the official cover, the official rainbow japanese sites also unveil the track list of Rainbow upcoming album Over the rainbow. check this out.

[CD Tracklist for Limited Edition & Regular albums]

1. A
2. Mach
3. Gonna Gonna GO!
4. Kiss! Kiss! Disco!
5. touch me, Feel me, Love me
6. Alright
7. Not Your Girl
8. Energy
9. Hello
10. Gossip Girl

[Limited Edition DVD]

- RAINBOW’s Premium Live at Shibuya Koukaidou

1. Mach 2. Not Your Girl 3. Gossip Girl 4. To Me 5. A 6. Mach (Encore)

- BACK STAGE OF Premium Live

- Mach Music Clip (RAINBOW ver.)

SuperJunior to release Japanese Version of Opera

Superjunior boyband will release their japanese version of opera track, it was told that they will unveiled these track on 9th may. This is following their last release of the Japanese version ‘Mr. Simple.’ The single will be a Japanese version of the group’s previous songs and there will be an additional Japanese original song ‘Way,’ which is their second original song after ‘Snow White’ from ‘Mr. Simple’ single.

Following their japanese version of opera single, Superjunior will do the world tour super show 4 in Tokyo on 12 and 13 may 2012.

The single is to be released in a CD only version as well as a CD+DVD. The CD is a regular version while the CD+DVD version is will have the same tracks as well as an extra DVD with the music video for the single and making of the music video.

CD-Only regular edition 1. Opera 2. Way

CD-Only limited edition 1. Opera 2. Way 3. Opera (Korean Version)

CD + DVD 1. Opera 2. Way -Opera Music Video -Opera Making Clip

Watch Superjunior performs Opera Japanese version in Osaka Japan for their Super Junior World Tour Super Show 4.

via: oneasia.com
Credit : KpopStarz.com

CNBlue Still in Love MV EngSub

CNBlue has just released their new MV titled Still in Love, you can watch this Self composed track by Yonghwa below. this track will be on their upcoming mini album along with a video of the song-recording process.

The song titled “Still In Love” was released on various digital sites on March 16th, along with a special video on YouTube that shows the process of the members’ recording session. This music video gives more anticipation to the fans who are eagerly awaiting for the release of their 3rd mini album ‘Ear Fun‘ on March 27th.

Watch CNBLUE Still in Love MV English subs + Romanization + Hangul HD

The title for their upcoming mini album was just revealed earlier today through CNBLUE’s official website. The contest was scheduled to end on March 21st but according to CNBLUE’s official facebook page unfortunately had to end earlier than planned. Additionally, it was revealed that the 3rd mini album will be released on March 27th

There's still no clue about the title track for CNBLUE 3rd mini album ear fun. just wait a little longer.

What do you think of CNBLUE new MV still in love(아직 사랑한다)? Personally i love the style of their new single. the bass line was cool

BTSwing New MV Rescue 101

BTSwing a new girgroup called BTSwing has just released their new debut MV called Rescue 101. The group consists of members Xingna (Leader), J-Bin (Vocals, Sexy & Stylish), H-Hyun (Soulful Voice), and Baby-Kimi (the adorable member).

Their first single “Rescue 101” sings about rescuing the young artists out there. With their dance and exciting up beat music, they show that they do not rely too much on one particular aspect and really know how to enjoy their music. In order to create their own unique style, they have imported the track from overseas and their dance rehearsals videos became a hot issue in countries such as Spain, Germany, Thailand, Japan and more.

This new beginning is important to the girls and they hope to open new doors and avenues for K-pop.

Watch BTSwing first MV Rescue 101

Do you like BTSwing first MV debut? The single was released on the 16th March 2012

Via : Allkpop

T-ara May have 9 Members after the Changes

Several days ago there's a rumor that say T-ara girlband will undergo a member change, the further news stated that T-ara may have up to 9 members after the change. it made their member equal with SNSD.

Core Contents Media‘s CEO Kim Kwang Soo has revealed a bit more information to give us an insight into what changes we could expect to see from the group.

CEO Kim Kwang Soo has stated that there is a possibility of switching out members already in the group, as well as also adding more members to transform T-ara into an eight or even nine member group from the current seven member group, this coming April.

The purpose is not to just aimlessly take people out, and add others, but to implement a competitive strategy so that those who work hard and display their talents will be given more activities and opportunities, while those who sit back and “think highly of themselves” will not receive more opportunities.

Kim said, “When I look back on my 30 years of experience in discovering new talent, by their third year they become full of themselves, and lazy. If they are not always on the edge of their seat and working hard, and think that they can just get by with what they already have, they will not be able to beat the competition. I have seen many singers become complacent because of their pride. For the members who have no singing ability and do not work hard, I will not give them parts [in the songs].”

Kim stated that T-ara’s changes will be unveiled on April 7th, and has fans anticipating to see how the group will be reborn. The changes will include potential member additions/changes, as well as musical or group concept changes.

Currently, T-ara is planning on a large fan club inauguration in July.

How do you think of that? Will T-ara be better with 9 members?


NU'EST Full Version MV Face Video

NU'EST the new kPop boyband has just launched MV for their first debut single titled Face, NU'EST stands for NU’ Established Style Tempo and consists of 5 members. Leader JR, Minhyun, Baekho, Ren, and Arron. Their debut single contains 3 tracks in total including “NU, Establish, Style, Tempo“, “Face” and “I’m Sorry“.

Watch their first full version MV titled Face

What do you think of their first MV? Thus video has just uploaded to youtube on 14th march 2012. and it seems that so many people like this single. NU'EST Faces serves as an intro track which like it’s namesake, establishes the style and tempo of what they bring to the table. “Face” is the title track and incorporates the trendy genre of dubstep. The message and lyrics of the song speaks of being a representative of teenage youth.

Personally we like the tempo of this song. How about you? do you like NU'EST first single debut MV faces?

T-ara will change its member? Really?

T-ara undergoes member change? is that true or it just a rumor? well on Allkpop today it was stated that This famous korean girlband will change their member, a potential member change was imminent.

On March 14th, it was revealed through Core Contents Media CEO Kim Kwang Soo, that T-ara would experience a major change in the dynamics of the group, including a potential shift in members.

Kim revealed, “Regardless of T-ara’s current popularity and skill, we are planning a major change for the group in April, so that the group can be upgraded to another level.” He continued, “This change not only includes group concept, but also the members.”

T-ara debuted in 2009 as a five member group and underwent lineup changes as the group continued to release number 1 hits such as “Roly Poly“, “Cry Cry” and, “Lovey Dovey“. They have even obtained considerable success in Japan, as their remakes of “Roly Poly” and “Bo Beep Bo Beep” charted high on the Oricon Charts.

Fans and netizens alike are currently busy speculating as to what kind of changes the group will experience come April.

Jaekyung Rainbow Will play on an Upcoming Korean Drama

Jaekyung from Rainbow will be an actress for an upcoming korean drama titled Monster which will aired on JTBC, With the first episode set to air on March 31st, Jaekyung will play the main character of Nah Yoomi along with other actors such as Ahn Yong Joon and Ji Il Joo.

This rainbow's leader Kim Jaekyung was well known for her pretty faces and perfect body, so how will she act on the upcoming korean drama? It's her first drama after all.

Jaekyung commented, “It’s my first try at a real drama so I’m nervous and making many mistakes. However, I’m learning a lot from my co-actors. I hope you guys will give support for ‘Monster’ and my acting debut.”

An associate of JTBC shared, “Jaekyung is sexy on stage but funny and lovable on variety shows. She was perfect for the role of Nah Yoomi. At the filming, she’s the maker of a happy atmosphere and is actively participating in the shooting of the drama.”

Can't wait to see how Jaekyung will act on Monster?


Dream High 2 releases OST MV for “Together” by JB & Jiyeon

Dream High 2 Korean drama aired in KBS 2TV has released their latest OST titled Together. you can watch OST MV for Together by Jiyeon & JB below.

In the past, hit drama series ‘Dream High’ released OSTs such as J.Y. Park‘s “Falling“, miss A member Suzy‘s “You Are My Star“, Wonder Girls‘ member Yenny‘s “Hello To Myself“, and more. Each of these tracks quickly climbed the music charts upon their release.

This time, co-stars JB and T-ara‘s Jiyeon teamed up for “Together”, an emotional track that sings about someone special who makes the difficult process of working towards an uncertain future seem worthwhile.

It seems that ‘Dream High’ has released another chart-topper with this Together OST MV.

Vampire Idol Drama Episode 3 ENG-SUB

Watch Vampire Idol Drama episode 3 with ENG SUB. Vampire idol is ongoing korean drama today, vampire idol told the stories about A naive vampire prince struggles to become a global pop idol in this melodramatic youth sitcom. It was said that this drama will ended for 120 episode,

Vampire Idol Cast

Lee Jung as Prince
Kang Min Kyung as Min Kyung
Shin Dong Yup as Dong Yup
Kim Soo Mi as Soo Mi
Lee Soo Hyuk as Soo Hyuk
Hong Jong Hyun
Kim Hyun Joong

Watch Vampire Idol Episode 3 ENG-SUB via this online streaming video by Youtube.

For more Vampire Idol episodes you can visit kpopella, on their site you can download the RAW Version of Vampire idol korean drama from episode 1 until episode 65 which is aired on 12th march 2012.

Don't miss Vampire Idol Drama on MBN Mon to Fri 21:30 (KST).


SHINee's Sherlock Album Final teaser

SHINee's has unveiled their latest teaser photo featuring all five members for their new Album "Sherlock" It was said SHINee's Sherlock album will be available on the 19th march through iTunes and various Korean music portals ahead of the official release on March 21st. Here's the final teaser photo of SHINee's Latest Album Sherlock.

As you know, SHINee will be making a comeback with their 4th mini-album entitled ‘Sherlock’. The title track of the same name is said to be an experimental pop record, utilizing the “hybrid remix technique” to conjoin two different tracks into one. It is reported that this hybrid mix will be using two individual songs “Clue” and “Note“, both of which will be featured on the album, to mix and create one complete track “Sherlock“.

SHINee's New album main theme will adopt a Sherlock Holmes Concept all 7 songs on the record will act as separate chapters to the story of Holmes. (we hope that there will be a story about professor moriaty)

Let's wait for the Teaser PV of SHINee's New Album next week.

Girls Generation Launched Time Machine teaser PV

At last girls generation has launched their teaser PV for Japanese single Time Machine. FYI Time Machine is the track from the ladies’ ‘Re:package’ album of ‘GIRLS’ GENERATION‘, which was released in December.As reported earlier on tokyohive, this song is the background track for hard candy brand e-ma’s latest CM. The PV will also reportedly feature Japanese comedian Imada Kouji.

“Time Machine” was first released in Girls’ Generation’s repackage of their first Japanese album earlier this year. Watch Girls Generation Teaser PV for Time Machine. As Usual all of them looks so beautiful and stunning.

Story Line behind Time Machine PV by Girls Generation

the story began at Jestina’s fansign last night. Sunny was mad at Sooyoung for her teeth, so she hired Hyoyeon to kill Sooyoung when she leaves the house to collect her pizza. Hyoyeon leans against the wall waiting, but Sooyoung doesn’t come out, so Hyoyeon impatiently looks at her watch. As it turned out, Yoona ate all the pizzas, so the pizza ahjussi is crying because he can’t deliver anything to his bias. Sunny is mad, so she dances a Michael Jackson dance to summon rain to punish Yoona while she’s strolling down the street to digest the food. Meanwhile, Jessica thought Yuri drew the arrow pointing babo at her, so she threatened to break-up. Yuri tried to explain but Jessica wouldn’t listen. Now, Jessica sits in the car as the rain continues pouring on Yoona, tracing “4 days” on the window because that’s how long she has been losing sleep. Yuri stares at her phone in depression because Jessica never called back. Meanwhile Seohyun stares at a YulSic photo wondering how to explain that she’s the one who drew that arrow. All this time TaeNy are at the church staring at the clock as it approaches 3:09pm when the wedding will be held, wondering when the others will resolve their problems to come attend the wedding.

The Full MV was said will be launched this weeks so if you’re looking for a full story of Time Machine from girls generation then you should watch it next week.


2AM I Wonder if you hurt like me MV and Lyrics

Finally 2AM release their new MV I Wonder If you hurt like me to celebrate their comeback. This song was the title track for their new mini album F.Scott Fitzgerald's Way Of Love

To commemorate their come back 2AM will hold a showcase entitled A Year and a Half Since We Broke Up, the Letter Written Through Song which will be held at Ilji Art Hall in Seoul on 13 March 2012. It was also reported, 2AM fans outside Korea can also enjoy that they showcase.

This event itself also will be broadcast via 2AM's official Youtube site starting at 20:00 KST. And for the preparation of a comeback, 2AM has released some teaser photos and two video teaser for their mini album entitled FLITZGERALD LOVE'S WAY.

Here is the latest video clips 2AM just released a mini album taken from F.Scott Fitzgerald's Way Of Love

I Wonder if you hurt like me MV

Title Track on F.Scott Fitzgerald's Way Of Love new 2AM Mini album

01 You Were Mine
02 I Wonder if you hurt like me
03 Erase All Our Memories
04 One More Second
05 How To Break Up Well
06 I Love You, I Love You:

I Wonder if you hurt like me by 2AM Lyrics

haru jongil ni saenggakman hada ga
han ga dak nunmuri, meotdaero jureureuk heureunda
georeum georeum ni moseubi bal byeoseo
ireul hada gado, nado moreuge tto heureunda

(Ohh oh oh oh ohh) noraereul bulleo do
(Ohh oh oh oh ohh) georireul georeo do
(Ohh oh oh oh ohh) ontong ni saenggak ppun inde

neodo, na cheoreom ireohke apeunji
neodo, na cheoreom nunmul na neunji
neodo, haru jongil ireohke
chueoke saneunji, Oh kkok na cheoreom

eokjirado useul il cham manheunde
taeyeob inhyeong cheoreom, ju eojin il cheoreom utneun da

(Ohh oh oh oh ohh) TV reul boa do
(Ohh oh oh oh ohh) chingureul ana do
(Ohh oh oh oh ohh) ontong ni saenggak ppun inde

neodo, na cheoreom ireohke apeunji
neodo, na cheoreom nunmul na neunji
neodo, haru jongil ireohke
chueoke saneunji, Oh kkok na cheoreom

mae ireul useu nikka
utneun moseub man boyeo ju nikka naega, haengbok han julman ana bwa
eotteohke useo naega, eotteohke useo, niga eobt neunde
useo do useo do, nunmuri tto heulleo

neodo, na cheoreom ireohke apeunji
neodo, na cheoreom nunmul na neunji
neodo, haru jongil ireohke
chueoke saneunji, Oh kkok na cheoreom

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