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T-ara May have 9 Members after the Changes

Several days ago there's a rumor that say T-ara girlband will undergo a member change, the further news stated that T-ara may have up to 9 members after the change. it made their member equal with SNSD.

Core Contents Media‘s CEO Kim Kwang Soo has revealed a bit more information to give us an insight into what changes we could expect to see from the group.

CEO Kim Kwang Soo has stated that there is a possibility of switching out members already in the group, as well as also adding more members to transform T-ara into an eight or even nine member group from the current seven member group, this coming April.

The purpose is not to just aimlessly take people out, and add others, but to implement a competitive strategy so that those who work hard and display their talents will be given more activities and opportunities, while those who sit back and “think highly of themselves” will not receive more opportunities.

Kim said, “When I look back on my 30 years of experience in discovering new talent, by their third year they become full of themselves, and lazy. If they are not always on the edge of their seat and working hard, and think that they can just get by with what they already have, they will not be able to beat the competition. I have seen many singers become complacent because of their pride. For the members who have no singing ability and do not work hard, I will not give them parts [in the songs].”

Kim stated that T-ara’s changes will be unveiled on April 7th, and has fans anticipating to see how the group will be reborn. The changes will include potential member additions/changes, as well as musical or group concept changes.

Currently, T-ara is planning on a large fan club inauguration in July.

How do you think of that? Will T-ara be better with 9 members?


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