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Taetiseo Twinkle on Korean Billboard 200 Chart

TaeTiSeo's First single Twinkle reach the Highest Ranking Korean Album on Bilboard 200. Congratulations for Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun for those achievement. as we know taetiseo is a sub unit of girls generation which has jsut released their MV titled Twinkle several days ago.

Their debut mini-album, ‘Twinkle‘, ranked at 126th place on the ‘Billboard 200′, the board’s main album chart. This is the highest achievement recorded by a Korean artist to date, and considering that this is a Korean album, not an official American debut, the feat is that much more astounding.

SM Entertainment stated, “We were able to confirm the widespread popularity of the group from music fans all over the world through this achievement. Without any local promotions, the girls were able to rank the highest for a Korean artist in the Billboard’s 200, as well as ranking first on the World Album Chart, and second on the Heatseekers Chart.”

Congratulations for TaeTiSeo.


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