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T-ara Transforms as Catwoman

T-Ara girlband posed in catwoman costume. i don't know what's the reason behind it. It's so mysterious. is it for their next MV or either a clue for the next album? We don't know that for sure.

Hyomin one of T-ara girlband member upload a picture of herself with all member of T-Ara dressed as catwoman in her personal twitter account. Hyomin include a caption for the photo 'The music industry and its never ending challenges~ ke ke, What could be next'.

By wearing red and black jacket, T-Ara catwomen incarnated as a cute and adorable. They complement their appearance with a hood with ears like a cat. It looks like the girls also had fun with it and posed for the camera for a group photo. Netizens commented, "Is that for bo beep bo beep performance?", "They are still beautiful even if their faces are covered by the mask", "I wonder what that is for"

Responding to this photo, the more curious netizen what new ingredients will be offered T-Ara on their loyal fans. After an uproar with news of T-ara Member Change.


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